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Identified the districts of intervention

In order to proceed to the identification of those areas falling in the districts of intervention, hence identifying the location of trial plots, we used the following criteria:

  1. identification of areas within the districts of intervention planned in the project;

  2. identification of Regional areas within Natura 2000 sites;

  3. identification of an area in a single Commune;

  4. identification of diversified sylvicultural frames according to utilization typologies foreseen in the project;

  5. high representatio of regional forest categories;

  6. selection of contiguous areas.


    Identified territorial areas

    Based on the above criteria  areas within all districts were localized, except for the district of Erei, since this area has the structural features and management problems identified in other districts (Sicani Mountains).  

    Territorial areas in six intervention districts have been identified (table1).





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