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Identification of optimal management models for improving or strengthening the resilience of forest environments

The identification of those management models more suitable to increase resilience of forest formations requires a rigorous methodological approach to evaluate for each specific formation objective existing conditions and desirable ones.

This results in the examination of a series of quantitative and qualitative parameters for the vegetation and the location site. Since the project involves a wide range of forest formations, due to multiple forest categories, it was considered appropriate to identify a working method based on a set of parameters as much quantitative as possible and applicable to all forest categories, through which to assess the current level of forest resilience and pointing out the desirable level of resilience.

LIFE RESILFORMED has developed 13 criteria for assessing the current and future status of the population in the presence or absence of silvicultural operations.

Parameters to evaluate intervention:

1. Forest category and current dynamic

2. Specific composition of the tree layer

3. Specific composition of successional layers (shrub and renewal)

4. Coverage of the vegetation layers

5. Vertical structure of the arboreal population

6. Horizontal structure of arboreal layer, density

7. Horizontal structure of arboreal layer: gaps

8. Dendrometric parameters

9. Disturbance indicator species (settled species)

10. Litter

11. Renovations (means renewal of tree species)

12. Elements of internal stability

13. Elements of external stability

By filling out a logical and evaluation path evaluation described in the identification table for the silvicultural intervention, it is possible to define a model of intervention able to promote the stability and resilience of forest.

Following are the draft of documents describing the parameters and potential business models to be adopted.

The final version will be completed with the contributions from the discussion of the preparatory actions of RESILFORMED.

In the following documents aspects still under evaluation are reported as red text.

– guidelines for the adoption of the definition tab of the interventions

Datasheets for each category of regional forest assessments and management models desired.





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