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Notice: new seminars in autumn

At the end of October and beginning of November there will be 6 days of presentation on the project LIFE RESILFORMED.

The evennt includes two-days seminar to be held in the city of Palermo and Catania with the following program:


  1. The relevance of the project  RESILFORMED in the regional forest policy

  2. Presentation of the project

  3. First project results:

  • Presentation of 'Map of desertification risk in sicilian forests' 
  • The diachronic analysis of forest landscape in the 6 pilot areas
  • Presentation of multi-temporal analysis of the communities of birds in the forests of Sicily
  • Communication on the collection of traditional forestry practices relevant to the resilience to climate change
  • the decision support model for the identification of best intervention in forests favouring resilience
  • Physical intervention foreseen: features and timetable

Conclusion and debate

Participants will be organized into working groups to discuss on the approaches and the first results of the project; their relevance and applicability in the real regional context. Particular attention will be devoted to understand the vision of participants about the weaknesses and limits perceived in implementing those good practices as regional forest management in Sicily, especially concerning financial constraints and capacity of human resources.

The next 4 days will be devoted to field visits, in sites where Best Practices promoted by RESILFORMED have been succesfully implemented. It is currently hypothesized a visit in the Commune of Caronia in forest of Quercus cerris L., in the Municipality of Isnello in forest of Fagus sylvatica L., in the Commune of Castronovo di Sicilia in reafforestation plots of coniferous and deciduous trees and in the Commune of Caltagirone in forestd of Quercus suber L., and reafforestated areas of eucalyptus.

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