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A3 and A4 Actions accomplished

Two of the most important preparatory actions for the Project LIFE ResilForMed have been finalised: A3 Action: Analysis, evaluation and quantification of the net effects of climate change in forest environments in Sicily, for which project partnership produced a report on the characteristics of forests, their diachronic variation over the last 50 years, and similarly for the community of birds that have been selected in the project as indicators of ecological status; and A4 Action: Defining, through indicators, the role of communities and ecosystems in adaptation measures to climate change; it brought to two important reports, one for the forestry component and the other for the community of forest birds. Both works provide the parameters and indicate the conditions that can be considered as optimal for the stability of the forest, in its various typological components. These parameters are the basis for the definition of the types of intervention in forestry, as good practices identified by the project.

To download documents and reports please click on following links:

ALL. A3.01 - Diachronic survey of forest landscapes

ALL. A3.02 - Monitoring forest

ALL. A3.03 - Report on activity A3, monitoring ornithological component

ALL. A3.04 - Report activity A3, diachronic analysis onĀ ornithological component

ALL. A4.01 - Final report finale on forest component

ALL. A4.02 - Report activity A4, ornithological indicators

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