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First video on D3 Action is online


For a better understanding of the project some videos showing the project themes and actions for each of the five Best Practices (see the actions B1 and B2).


Videos focus on the following topics:

1) Sicilian forests, extension and structural and compositional characteristics

2) climate changes and their impacts over agricultural and forestry systems

3) the greatest risks to forests in Sicily: the fires. History of the phenomenon in recent years

4) BP01: interventions in favor of the mixture and hydrogeological stability of forests

5) BP02: renaturalization of artificial forested areas

6) PB03: rehabilitation and restoration of degraded areas

7) BP04: interventions in favor of the development of complexity of forest structures

8) BP05: interventions in favor of connectivity 'in agro-forestry systems

The first video that we publish is related to forests in Sicily.



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