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Action B2 accomplished


It is most important action of the project in economic and demonstration terms.

In fact, 16 intervention types have been implemented, these type of interventions are subdivided in 5 Best Practices provided by the project.

The following table shows the different situations that have been addressed by the project.


Best Practice

BP01 Actions to improve the mix and the hydrological capacity of the topsoil

1,3 hectares of beech and cork oak forests of

 BP02 Actions of renaturalization of artificial topsoils

34,54 hectares of artificial forest of Eucalyptus and Aleppo Pine and natural forest of cork oak, evergreen oak and Pinus nigra laricio

PB03 Actions for recovery and restoration degraded areas

10,04 hectares of forests affected by fire

BP04 Actions to improve the development of the structural complexity of the topsoil

38,64 hectares of natural forests of Evergreen Oak, Beech, Turkey Oak and maritime pine

BP05 Actions to deliver connectivity in the agro-forestry systems

9.69 hectares of plantations of Eucalyptus and Aleppo pine


The interventions required a significant effort of the beneficiary DRARFD because four provincial districts were involved and therefore the coordination was very complex. The adoption of the practices had different phases: the first one was the preparation of the projects by technicians of DREAM and DSAF, the second one was the transfer in field of the activities provided through the materialization of all interventions with numerous inspections in the field and the direction of the work by of DRARFD and finally the execution of operations by manpower available to the project.
Overall, this action has involved 2 researchers of DSAF, 6 forestry technicians of DREAM, 7 forestry technicians of DRARFD and 299 forestry workers.
An area of 95 ha was affected, this area will have a positive effect on the resilience of 185 ha of Sicilian forest.
YOu can download the intervention sheets



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