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Announcement final conference of the project

On 29 and 30 June 2017 the final conference of the LIFE ResilForMed project will be held in Pantelleria Island (TP).

The goal of the conference is to have an opportunity to present the project results to an audience of stakeholders on the following key topics: sustainable forest management in Mediterranean areas, climate change, fires, forests in protected areas, forest planning, forest policies; in addition to this, there is a network session with other LIFE projects and with active realities on the resilience and sustainable management of forests in the Mediterranean area.

The chosen place of Pantelleria Island, in addition to constituting one of the most evocative and preserved agroforestry landscapes of the smaller islands, was one of the implementation areas of the LIFE ResilForMed project. It was recently elected to the National Park and, lastly, last year has been the subject of very significant fire damage. The choice of this place is therefore also symbolic for its environmental and naturalistic importance as opposed to the risks of degradation due to fires and climate change. The Conference will last two days, the first dedicated to the results of ResilForMed and the project network and the second dedicated to the discovery of the landscape and forest formations of the Island.

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