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The project network starts with the partnership to expand in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to disseminate the project results toward all potential users.

Are part of the network all bodies and oraganisations that spontaneously subscribe the mailing list or are specifically contacted by the beneficiaries of the project


LIFE projects that adhere to the Network:

 LIFE10 NAT/IT/000237  Zelkov@zione (                                                                                                                              (italian)


     LIFE11 + NAT/IT/000093 "Pelagic Birds" ( (italian)

  LIFE11 NAT/IT/000232 LEOPOLDIA ( (italian)

   LIFE09  ENV/IT/000087  "Policy and protection of Sporadic tree species in Tuscany forest" ( (italian)

  LIFE08 NAT /IT/000371 RESILFOR (REstoring SILver-fir FORest) ( (italian)


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