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Specific targets

To achieve meaningful results on the regional forest policies ResilForMed will heavily invest on training/information addressed to decision makers, technical personnel and operators in the forestry sector and will promote following messages and values:


1)    The variety of forms of life is the foundation of our social and economic welfare, and will increasingly become an indispensable resource in the battle against climate change. Our patterns of consumption and production are diminishing the ability of ecosystems to withstand climate change and provide the services we need, the more we understand the dynamics by which climate change impact on biodiversity, the more it is clear that we can not deal with the two aspects separately: their interrelationship requires addressing the two issues as a unit.

2)    natural forests and semi-natural forest systems are more value in terms of storage of biodiversity, including genetic diversity, and carbon.

3)    all the elements of forest systems combine to ensure high resilience against changes;

4)    each forest system requires specific solutions but easy to implement.


These achievements will be pursued through the project actions.

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