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LIFE11 ENV IT 215 ResilForMed - RESILienza al cambiamento climatico nelle FOReste MEDiterranee


Background: climatic conditions of  Mediterranean region, characterized by frequent dry years, contribute to the weakening of forest ecosystems. As a result, forests reduce their production capacity, are more susceptible to degradation phenomena such as secondary parasites. In addition, the economic and social contexts may contribute to the degradation with the spread of the improper use of the resource (forest cutting, grazing) and the spread of forest fires.

Overall objective: the overall objective of the project is to preserve forest systems in a Mediterranean environment from the risks posed by climate change through naturalization processes, increased biodiversity and improved responsiveness in the recovery process, as a result of destabilizing events. The specific aim is to implement a regional forest policy to increase the resilience of forests in Sicily, improving efficiency and promoting ecosystem preservation of biodiversity.

Main actionsidentification of best management models, carry out demonstration interventions on 120 hectares in 6 areas of Sicily, finalising 6 forest plans through participatory processes with local communities; implementation of the strategic guidlines tested with ResilForMed into the Regional Forest Plan.

Overall budget: 1.,559,493 Euro

LIFE+ funds: 778,871 Euro (49,944%)



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