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LIFE Resilformed at the LIFE MGN field trip



Resilformed took part into the field trip organized on 4,5 and 6 May in Lombardy by LIFE Making Good Natura project  entitled ‘’Put a value on nature’’.


As can be seen looking at initials, the LIFE MGN project, currently in its final stage, develops a new environmental governance pathway aimed at safeguarding agroforestry ecosystems; it also elaborates an evaluation, of the ecosystems services in terms of qualitative and quantitative biophysical procedures in the Natura 2000 site grids.


The days had been useful to discuss and develop, with a group of experts, about the importance of Ecosystemic Services and the subsequent Payment systems (EPS)


This Ecosystem Payment Service represent the subsequent stage in order to sustain the protecting and preserving environment-managing system.


Nature with its dynamical processes and with the people operating to enhance a functional improvement (naturalization of the forestry ecosystems, development of conservation projects, promoting citizen awareness through environmental notices, etc.), can strengthen the services that ecosystems can provide to collectivity (carbon capture, preservation of biodiversity, improve water quality, etc.).


Once set the services and the evaluation methodology, it is easy to infer on the economic value that will benefit to people.

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