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Final training events of Resilformed

On the 17th and the 18th of November and on the 21th and the 22th of November training courses will be held on the best practice of Resilformed. They are aimed to improve the capacity of staff of the Regional Department of Rural Development, in pursuance of the best practice, developed by the project, and of the forestry planning activities which are necessary in order to improve planning and forest management abilities in Sicily.

The courses will involve 40 specialists of the Department of Rural Development.

The experts will be:

Marcello Miozzo, coordinator of the project;

Donato Salvatore La Mela Veca, researcher in DSAF and scientific director of the project;

Sebastiano Sferlazza, researcher in DSAF;

Paolo Girgenti, representative of Forestry Planning of the Regional Department for the Rural Development.


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