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Participatory activities with local communities

In the months of November and December 2016 it is participatory meetings were held with local communities in the municipalities of Isnello, Maletto, Tortorici, Castronovo, Caltagirone and Pantelleria.

In total they have been affected 299 persons spread over different form between 6 municipalities affected by the project.
During the participatory process has been given great attention to cognitive and popularizing actions, carrying out information and dissemination activities on the territory of the forest planning, forestry and agro-forestry-pastoral interest in order to develop a proper sustainable management of resources agro-forestry. 

The information measures are essential in order to start a participatory management system with local stakeholders, sharing with them, as much as possible, the planning instruments and the related content. 

The discussions of the world cafe and analysis of the responses, as well as the comparisons of meetings in the field indeed revealed that most of the participants consider the very important forest sector for the socio-economic development of its territory, hoping the imminent implementation of efficient and effective forest planning, as well as integrated territorial management, rational and participatory.


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