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First project workshop for Sicilian students

The first workshop about the LIFE Resilformed project will be held at the Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo at the 15th of April of 2015, 17:00. The workshop “Mediterranean forest resilience to the climate change” is for the students and forest workers and is organized as part of the cycle of seminars for the employability of the students of the Degrees of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Science. The seminar will be held by Dott. Marcello Miozzo (DREAM S.r.l.).

The workshop will cover the following temes:

 1) The LIFE program of the EU;

2) Main LIFE projects that have developed actions to conserve biodiversity and resilience of forest

3) The relationship between climate change and forest resilience

4) The LIFE Resilformed project:
contexts, objectives and results

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